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Royal Truffle Temptation

Royal Truffle Temptation


Indulge in a symphony of chocolate with our decadent triple chocolate cake, featuring rich Belgian chocolate layers, silky chocolate mousse, and a crunchy cocoa-infused surprise.


Layers of Perfection:

  • Chocolate Cake: At the heart of every cake lies a rich, velvety chocolate base, made from the finest Belgian chocolate, ensuring a smooth and luscious foundation for every bite.

  • Luscious Chocolate Mousse: Layered with precision, our chocolate mousse adds an airy, silky touch to the cake, creating a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

  • Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut Praline: For texture and contrast, we incorporate a layer of crunchy chocolate hazelnut praline that delights the senses with its nutty crunch and sweet allure.


  • Royal Truffle Temptation is presented in a lavish, red keepsake box. This box is adorned with embossed gold leaf accents, exuding an air of opulence and sophistication. A satin ribbon closure, carefully tied by our artisans, adds a touch of refinement.

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